about us

Who We Are:

Caring & Sharing is a Georgia based 501(c)3 non profit organization that focuses on social, cultural, and behavior development for girls ages 10-17.  In addition to working directly with parents, we partner with an extensive network of community businesses, organizations and municipalities to broaden exposure and experienced-based learning opportunities.


To give girls access to the people, information, and experiences to help her to bloom.


To counter increasingly popular yet detrimental social influences affecting this age group.  We rely upon a series of creative, thematic, and engaging programs to raise objective thoughts and compelling considerations regarding the risk factors of irresponsible choices and decisions.

Elaine BryantElaine Bryant founded Caring & Sharing as an extension of her belief that every youth has an innate gift, talent and purpose which can be discovered through the appropriate mix of guidance, exposure and wise counsel. She has mentored and supported youth with positive development programs for over 15 years. Ms. Bryant is dedicated to helping girls discover that self-respect comes only from developing their own gifts, talents and finding their own independence.
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